Corporate TV

Corporate TV means the broadscat of media contents inside your company to increase it.

Corporate TV targets is to explain company procedures, ideas and mission. The company is the editor which defines the contents.

The media content is something familiar which can be used in successful way inside the company and decreasing less thecnologic people’s reluctance.

Corporate TV is usefull as much for those companies which need employees around all territory as for those which decided to move their productive acitivies even to thousand kilometers far away. In these cases it’s fundamental a company identity to allow a common vision. Share the informations on every level allow the last users to be involved and increase their involvement.

Corporate TV helps to connect to the sales networks, with which company has to relate with more balance than the typical internal hierarchical way.

The pursued objectives on strategic level are:

  • Company’s ideas spreads
  • Homogeneous information of the company strategies, achieved results and all actions spread
  • Resources involvement on company’s project and sense of participation/membership increase

Which contents can be broadcasted?

  • Usefull information for daily job: procedures, specifications of products that have to be known and more broadcast
  • Company informations: how organization works, who contact for various topics explanation, ecc.
  • Usefull informations to improve dealings with customers: training and updatings contents, events, ecc.

The use of this tool, embedded with others communication ways, allow to get the best result.

The contents can be received from user’s desk through pc or monitor placed in strategic places like meeting rooms, canteen, hall, waiting rooms, ecc.

OneTech offers Coorporate TV and Digital Signage solution for companies which want to extends their own business and a good communication as much inside as outside their organization.